Case Studies

Put aside what you know about construction companies. When we say we raze the standards, we mean just that. We tear down the “normal” and the “how things are done” to make sure you get more for each construction dollar you spend. And we ensure quality by controlling the process in a wider range of services than you normally find from a single construction company.

Concrete Construction in Columbus, Ohio

Concrete Construction, Humble Construction for Orange Barrel Media in Columbus, OH

A View from the Top

As the Humble Construction name suggests, we’re not ones to spend time in the limelight, but this project ended up being one of the most highly visible projects we’ve ever completed. Nearly 350,000 motorists traveling through Columbus each day will see the three, 160-foot tall concrete towers we constructed.

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Industrial Construction in Troy, Ohio

Industrial Construction, Troy, Ohio, F&P America

At Our Best Even When Conditions Are Not

Some construction projects seem to have more than the normal amount of challenges. That was the situation when we were brought in to build an expansion for a stamping and assembly facility in Troy, OH.

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Public Construction in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Public Construction, Bellefontaine, Ohio, Wastewater treatment plant

Good Work for Public Works

Humble Construction has performed good work for many public works projects in the past. Just like their commercial counterparts, the public officials are able to recognize our abilities and our reputation for getting jobs done right.

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Public Construction in Pleasant Hill, Ohio

Public Construction, Pleasant Hill, Ohio, Public school

The Past is Part of the Future

No matter what type of project we are hired to do -- whether it's for a public entity or a private enterprise -- our customer invests a lot in us before they can see the results of their efforts. Naturally, that investment includes financial resources and time, but it also includes trust.

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Public Construction in Washington Courthouse, Ohio

Miami Trace High School, Public Construction, Washington Courthouse, Ohio

Let's Go Public!

Over the past 60+ years, we have learned that each type of project brings a different set of requirements and challenges, and we have successfully created solutions for all of them.

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Commercial Construction in Gahanna, Ohio

Commercial Construction, Gahanna, Ohio, Corporate Headquarters

Commercial Construction Challenges

Over the years, we have confirmed to ourselves that we can provide better solutions and higher customer satisfaction when we take the time to understand who will be using the space and what they will need to do.

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Commercial Construction in St. Mary's, Ohio

Commercial Construction, St. Mary's Ohio

Meeting the Customer's Need

Humble Construction has completed numerous manufacturing plants for this motion and control technologies company. Based on those experiences, the customer knew they could count on Humble to come through in the clutch.

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Industrial Construction in Piqua, Ohio

Industrial Construction in Piqua, Ohio

Creative Thinking Delivers What the Customer Needs

This manufacturer needed more space. A lot more space. The steel processing company needed to add 90,000 square feet of space to its Piqua, OH production facility. But they were not prepared for what they were about to hear.

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Industrial Construction in Eaton, Ohio

Industrial Construction in Eaton, Ohio

Two Story Addition to Existing Building

Humble Construction Company did its first project for this company fifteen years ago when the high-tech manufacturer needed a new facility. They've been so happy with the work that Humble does that when they need construction work, they just call Humble.


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Renovation Services in Columbus, Ohio

Tenant Improvement, Columbus, Ohio

Tenant Improvement Brings Offices Together

Recently, this insurance company determined that the organization needed to bring several different offices together into a centralized space for their Business Development Center. But by the time they found the space they needed (18,000 square feet) and got all of the details in place, they were quickly running out of time.

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