Concrete Construction Services

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Humble Construction
is a member of
American Concrete Institute
Humble Construction has been performing concrete services since our inception.

Concrete work is an important portion of virtually every construction project. Sometimes the whole project literally is all about the concrete. In other cases, the concrete needs to fill a specialty role within a larger construction project. Our extensive experience with concrete projects makes us recognized specialists in several specialty areas.

Structural concrete applications require specialized knowledge and experience. These skills go beyond the obvious capabilities of pouring a concrete slab. Humble Construction has been providing these services for more than a half century. So from the design to the job site, we can work with you and your equipment manufacturer to get the job done right.

Press Pit Specialists

We have gained a special skill set and an experience level that has helped set us apart from other contractors. We have extensive knowledge in heavy structural foundations and press pit construction, including hydro forming and stamping pits. We can complete all your large and small concrete projects on time and on budget.

Concrete Services

  • Industrial Press Pits
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Injection Press Foundations
  • Structural Floor Slabs
  • Precast Concrete Walls
  • Sidewalks & Stairs
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Isolation Pads
  • Concrete Tunnels
  • Containment Pits
  • Hydro-Form Press Pits
  • Stamping Press Pits
  • Concrete Remediation
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