Design Build Assist



Design-assist is an evolution of the traditional design-bid-build and design-build construction approaches. The design-assist method enhances the collaborative relationship throughout the construction process. 

Using this approach, Humble Construction engages during the preconstruction phase of your project and becomes a key consultant specializing in the specific trade or system. Design-assist revolutionizes our role in the construction process as we help the owner and architect stay ahead of potential constructability issues early in the design phase. 

Humble's Design-Assist Successes

Humble Construction has years of successful design-assist experience. We have learned that it puts us in the position to hear critical input from the owner and design team so we can provide our expertise at a point where it can benefit the project without creating delays in the process. Through this teamwork, we are able to: 

  • Collaborate on design expectations early and often
  • Engage the right experts to unite design intent and constructability
  • Find efficiencies 
  • Provide informed solutions for the client’s construction goals
  • Decrease time
  • Reduce cost
  • Add overall value to the construction project

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