F&P Press Pit

Concrete for Machine Foundations and Press Pits

Turnkey Solutions

Pouring concrete for machine foundations and press pits requires a specific kind of skill and experience. Humble has become known for our ability to assess your needs and deliver a plan that improves buildability while minimizing costs.

We have decades of experience constructing concrete machine foundations and press pits. We have successfully dealt with nearly every challenge from needing to do concrete construction inside existing facilities to dealing with underground water sources, and we always find a way to avoid impacting existing production activities.

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Prepping Concrete Construction

Things to think about when preparing for concrete construction of machine foundations and press pits.

Machine Foundations and Press Pits require expertise and precision concrete work. We can help you through that complex process, developing a detailed layout of the heavily reinforced concrete required for your application plus all the points on the foundation that need to be blocked out for future connection points.

  • Bolster Rails
  • Conveying Systems
  • Dewatering
  • Tie-Rod Sumps
  • Steel Floor Plating
  • Forming
  • Trenching
  • Shoring
  • Specialized Services such as specific concrete mix designs, vibration pads, etc.

Concrete machine foundations for these manufacturers

  • Brown & Sharpe
  • FPT
  • Mazak
  • Parpas
  • Cincinnati
  • G&L
  • Mecof
  • Tarus
  • Droop & Rein
  • Kuraki
  • Okuma
  • Toshiba

Concrete press pits for these manufacturers

  • Aida
  • Danly
  • Minster
  • Stamtech
  • Bliss
  • Eagle
  • Niagra
  • Verson
  • Clearing
  • Komatsu
  • Schuler
  • Wean

Concrete steel slitting and processing lines for these manufacturers

  • Braner
  • Herr-Voss
  • Pro-Eco
  • Bronx
  • Loopco
  • Red Bud
  • Delta
  • Paxson


F&P Concrete Construction

Additionally, we have delivered these results reliably across many industries including automotive, agriculture, chemical, electronics, food products, manufacturing, medical, paper & paper products, steel fabrication, rubber & plastics, mold & die, and fluid power.

If you have questions or if you would like to speak with one of our industrial concrete experts, please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about your project.

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