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Image of chairs around a round table.

Why we like round tables.

Construction projects are filled with variables and challenges. Some of them are defined in the bid while others are discovered on the job. We have learned that the best way to minimize the impact of those variables is to assemble the right team for the job and foster an environment that aligns all efforts with the quality and schedule required to successfully complete the project for our client. We do that by working from "round tables" on every project.

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Recent Construction Projects 


High Performance Buildings

While the rest of the industry calls it Value Engineering, at Humble, we have taken it a step further to what we call High Performance Buildings. Creating High Performance Buildings requires special efforts and insights into the building owner’s long-term business objectives.

If you’re thinking that this has nothing to do with excavation, pouring concrete or setting steel, you’re right. Because your business isn’t about that either.

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