Pavement Repair

Pavement Repair

Maximize its useful life


Whether the season is an "easy" winter or an ongoing arctic chill, the months of freeze/thaw cycles take their toll on pavement. Whether you have asphalt or concrete pavement, it is likely that it would benefit from thorough inspection and repair to maximize its useful life.

No matter how well your pavement was constructed, eventually you will have cracks. Normal wear and tear of daily use makes it unavoidable. However, some things, such as an abnormally hard winter, can make the situation worse and cracks can quickly turn into damage. At that point you risk costly repairs to both the pavement and the equipment that drives on it.

To adapt a popular saying -- a patch in time saves nine. Now is the perfect time to have Humble Construction inspect and repair your pavement because the damage that developed over the winter months will continue to get worse with use. As with any building material, once an area is compromised, it requires less impact to make the situation worse.

The Great Debate:

Asphalt vs. Concrete

Every year, we get dozens of questions about the differences between asphalt and concrete paving. While we always answer with the solution that is best for the specific situation, concrete paving often is the best long-term solution. There are several reasons for this:

  • Asphalt relies on the hot, oil-based mixture to act as the glue that holds aggregates together when it cools. Concrete forms a harder substance.
  • Asphalt can soften in extreme summer heat, allowing ruts and other damage to form.
  • Because it is more durable, concrete requires less maintenance than asphalt, making the lifetime costs lower.

Concrete CrackAfter discussing these and many other issues related to the advantages of concrete paving, more and more of our customers have us replace existing asphalt with new concrete pavement. They can see the long-term benefit of reducing the maintenance costs and extending the life of their pavement to what can be up to 25 years with concrete compared to just 15 years for asphalt pavement.

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