The Unique Challenge of Industrial Expansions

Industrial Expansion

In a world of complexities, our mission is to make life simple for our clients. Humble does this by bringing a unique combination of experience and dedication to our client relationships. By staying focused on the end result, despite the overwhelming details of the process, we find efficient and cost-effective solutions that provide better value every time.


Demonstrating Our Value

All construction projects have their challenges, but industrial expansion projects include an additional dimension of needing to work within the confines of what already exists. That was the situation we had when we took on a project for an automotive industry client in the Columbus region.

On paper, it looked like a typical project – a 110,000 square foot expansion to an existing facility for manufacturing and warehousing space. Both the existing structure and the expansion were pre-engineered metal buildings, there was a two-level steel mezzanine for offices, and we would add a shipping dock. But then there were the requirements that come with an expansion:

  • Tie into the existing structure without disrupting production.
  • Keep construction dust and debris from entering the production space.
  • Make the exterior appearance of the new and existing buildings look consistent.
  • Keep an employee access road open…until we replaced it.

This project used the design-assist construction method. We worked with the owner’s architect to provide value engineering in various areas including product selection. That allowed us to achieve the design objectives while meeting code requirements and delivering better overall value to the owner.

Planning Makes Perfect

While others can follow the “practice makes perfect” approach, the scale of construction projects requires us to adapt it to “planning makes perfect.” Extreme efforts in planning and coordination paid off as the project took shape. Our detailed, two-phase plan allowed us to manage the logistics and stay on schedule while minimizing stress for the owner’s staff.

From the start, we knew this would be a complex project. But with our attention to detail, collaboration, and focus on value for the client, we met the requirements overcame the challenges, created another satisfied customer. For 75 years, Humble Construction has been cultivating confidence by delivering well built, well managed projects on time, like this industrial expansion.

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