Consistently Exceeding Safety Standards

Through our dedicated safety efforts, Humble Construction has maintained well-above industry standard safety performance:

Humble Safety
Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART)
  • Industry standard: 1.1
  • Humble: 0 (3-year average: 0.716)

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

  • Industry standard: 1.0
  • Humble: 0.56 (3-year average: 0.52)

Lost Workday Rate (LWR)

  • Industry standard: 0.6
  • Humble: 0 (3-year average: 0)

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)

  • Industry standard: 1.9
  • Humble: 0 (3-year average: 0.716)


  • Industry standard: 1 of 5 workers
  • Humble: 0

A++ Insurance Qualifications

The insurance limits a construction company carries determines the level of risk you can mitigate. Humble provides you with the greatest peace of mind by remaining compliant with all insurance requirements, including standards set by Fortune 500 companies. We do this by maintaining our relationship with an A++ certified insurance company and purchasing liability limits far above the industry standard. 

To ensure we’re preserving a high level of protection, our compliance consultants collect and review our insurance and other procurement-related documents. This includes: 

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Modifier
  • Workers’ Compensation Clearance Account Status
  • Workers’ Compensation Rate Statements
  • Companies House/Business Registration
  • Supplier Diversity Certificates

Their review of our insurance qualifications prevents us from ever having any insurance gaps. With the highest level of transparency, Humble upholds our promise to maintain the levels of insurance needed to keep your projects protected. 

Financial Strength & Stability

The financial state of a construction company is a key point of evaluation for any project, but especially large ones. Humble provides the necessary documentation to compliance consultants to assure all current and prospective clients that we have the financial stability to handle your project. 

Humble Construction sustains a high-level bonding capacity in excess of $25 million. Our goal in preserving this level of bond is to safeguard all of our customers from any project disruptions or financial losses.

A Note About Quality

In addition to meeting the highest compliance standards, Humble is an AISC Certified Steel Member and American Concrete Institute Member. These memberships verify that we consistently meet or exceed quality standards in both steel and concrete work as defined by each organization’s standards. 

Give us a call to discuss how our safety, insurance, and financial compliance records can help mitigate risk and ensure your next project is a success.

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