Full-Service Tenant Improvements

Advocate - Lobby

In January 2020, Humble Construction was named one of the three best tenant improvement contractors in Columbus, Ohio by General Contractors Magazine. The magazine chose contractors based on merit, experience, and project portfolio. 

We’re honored to receive this recognition and believe a key factor in being selected lies in our ability to understand that tenant improvement projects aren’t solely about transforming a space. A recent project we completed for Advocate Radiology & Billing in Dublin, Ohio is a great example. 

When designing and renovating a 34,000 square feet office space for Advocate, we focused on the full-service needs of the client. The client was mid-transition after acquiring another company, and they needed a larger office space to hold its now nearly 340 employees. 

Humble Construction was selected by Advocate based on our experience and dedication to full-service tenant improvements. We delivered on this by guiding them through every stage. From budgeting, design, and renovation, to collaboration with architects and furniture companies and supporting them on moving day, we were by their side. 

Tenant Improvement Renovation Principles

Advocate’s most prominent goal was to create a space where two formerly separate companies could merge and work effectively together. The more we discussed project design and Advocate’s goals for the space, the more we realized how we could implement our top four principles: People, Environment, Flexibility, Speed/Cost.

The client could see how our ability to collaborate with companies, our experience with renovating and redesigning structures, and our full-service focus would help them achieve their vision for both the space and the employees moving into it.