Why We Like Round Tables

Construction projects are filled with variables and challenges. Some of them are defined in the bid while others are discovered on the job. We have learned that the best way to minimize the impact of those variables is to assemble the right team for the job and foster an environment that aligns all efforts with the quality and schedule required to successfully complete the project for our client.

We do that by working from "round tables" on every project. Whether figuratively or literally, getting everyone to sit side-by-side and work on the project as a cohesive team (rather than "across the table" in opposition to each other) establishes a single-minded purpose that produces a better result. This table is not meant for the team of contractors alone. We always make sure that the customer has a seat at that table as well. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We value each other and know that we are better as a team.

  • Our ability to get the right team to the table offers benefits that can be seen early in the process.

Construction projects are complex enough. It is not productive for anyone to add complexity by working in a communication vacuum where they just "do their thing" and leave the jobsite for the next group to pick up where they left off. Round tables ensure that everyone has a voice and can provide valuable insights in their particular area of expertise for the benefit of everyone involved. Round tables create an atmosphere of cooperation that makes the whole job go more smoothly. Ultimately, round tables can be given credit for projects being completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of the building owner.

Humble Construction brings one core value to a project that few other construction companies can match--our passion for our work. We are committed to doing "whatever it takes" to get the job done. What matters to our customers, matters to us. We seek to fully understand our customer’s needs and strive to exceed them with thoughtfulness and perseverance!

By keeping our personal efforts and corporate goals on a higher plane, Humble Construction has built a reputation of delivering value and inspiring confidence in our ability to complete projects that perform at a level beyond what our clients originally imagined. Humble Construction designs, constructs and develops flexible, user-centered technology-sound, energy efficient and affordable buildings...Fast!

Let us be your guide through the complex process of your next construction project.

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